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June issue of AmCham Tajikistan Newsletter.
Here we will highlight the most important events happened in June of 2010.

General Meeting of AmCham members (June 4, 2010).

The most important event for AmCham life is General Meeting of taken place June 4, 2010 at Asia Grand Hotel.

There were several issues on the Agenda, including The results of annual audit, Presentation of the Work Plan, Selection to the Board of Directors, Approval of Bylaws, Presentation of Discount Program.

The Chairman of AmCham Mr. Sharipov welcomed all the participants of the meeting and briefly informed on progress for one year activity and the issues discussed at recent meetings of the AmCham Board of Directors:

Meeting of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan and entrepreneurs which main purpose was to improve business environment in Tajikistan. The outcome of this meeting was a letter addressed to the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, and the article published in the newspaper Asia Plus; The issues of WIS Tajikistan - extension of accreditation. The letter with a request for assistance was sent to the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan;

In April, the Consultative Council under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan discussed the leasing issue, raised earlier by Zeppelin/Caterpillar; The decision of re-registration of AmCham Tajikistan in accordance with the Law on registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, to be completed in June 2010; Accepting three new members to AmCham: Expo Central Asia, Grata and Promotion.

During this period the audit was provided by the Chair of revision committee Ms.Gulanor Atobek, which was announced during the General Meeting as well. Later on Firuza Rahimova, AmCham Executive Director presented the Work plan for 2010 – 2011 which was approved by all participating members.

Members of Executive Committee of AmCham was working hardly over the AmCham Bylaws, to regulate internal activity of the Association. Big discussion on Bylaws was during the meeting, it was decided to finalize them and send to all members for approval. Another important issue on Agenda was election of new Board member. Two nominees Mr. Rakhmatov and Mr. Zaretsky applied to Board of Directors. According to the results of voting Mr. Zaretsky was elected to the AmCham Board of Directors. With regard to the discount program it was decided to discuss the possible offers during meetings with all members.

Generally, the meeting was productive, but AmCham Executive office is looking forward for members’ feedback and interaction.


AmCham Tajikistan study tour.

Another important event of June was study tour of Executive Director to Paris, France (June 6 – 12, 2010).    The study tour to Paris was organized by the National Association of Small and Medium Business (AmCham partner), Inter News Europe funded by European Union through European Commission. The study tour was from June 6 till June 12, 2010. The main goal of the study tour was to learn the activity of Business associations and their interrelation with mass media. 

The team from Tajikistan consisted of business associations representatives –
Matluba Uljabaeva, Chair of National Association of Small and Medium Business, Boimamad Alibakhshev – Chair of Milal Inter Nekroy Zabirov, Chair – of Union ofEntrepreneurs and Exporters of Tajikistan, Firuza Rahimova – Executive director of AmCham Tajikistan and Shahriyor Muminov – Director of and representatives of mass media of Tajikistan:

Shahlo Akobirova – “Khoma” NGO, Akbarali Sattorov – “Charkhi Gardun” Media Holding, Nurali Davlatov – journalist, Lutfulllo Davlatov – Director of TV “Safina” and Soleh Rajabov - operator. 

During the study tour the group of business and association representatives visited CTI –Center of International Techniques Center (Centre des Techniques Internationales), Bloomberg analytical finance sector news agency, Professional Association “Center of Young Heads of Enterprises”, Assembly of Chambers of Commerce of France, Business Incubator “ParisTech Entrepreneurs», National Confederation of Small and Medium Businesses. The second group of mass media representatives also had a series of meeting with France Radio, newspaper Les Echo. The first day was the presentation of EuroNews activity and the presentation on Economical development of France and development of small and medium businesses in France provided by Mr. Jacques Gautrand, Consultant. The participants of the Study tour established links, which will be maintained in future and obtained knowledge will be used for the development of Business and Associations of Tajikistan.

Meeting of IMF mission, June 9.  IMF mission on providing technical support headed by Mr. Andrew Masters, Senior Economist of Revenue Administration Department took place in Dushanbe. Thediscussion was focused on tax administration. AmCham was presented by the Chairman Mr. Nazir Sharipov and Ms. Madina Danaeva, from members of AmCham Mr.Paul Hamlin, Finca International participated in the meeting. The discussion was around the implementation of current tax regime (not focused on tax policy, changing of tax rates, etc.) Mr. Sharipov and Mr.Hamlin shared with their concern regarding ratification of international intercompany agreements and reporting to the tax bodies. 

AmCham members breakfast, June 25, Segafredo. As it was discussed the third Friday of month AmCham will organize breakfast with its members. This time event was dedicated to the issue of Interrelation of Business and Mass media. AmCham members – Paul Hamlin, Finca International, Danial Zaretsky, Knowledge across border, Parviz Kamoliddinov and Jovan Jekic, USAID Regional Trade Liberalization and Customs Project, Tahir Nabiev, Aiten Consulting Group, Khujanazar Aslamshoev, Grata Law firm, Umed Babakhanov Asia Plus, invited guests Matluba Uljabaeva, Chair of National Association of Small and Medium Business, Nurali Davlatov, journalist who works with Digest press, Farazh and other newspapers, Dubinina Ludmila, representative of Informational Agency Khovar  participated in the breakfast.

It is time for business come out from the shadow, loudly speak about its problems through the mass media, which has to be the connector between the private and governmental sector. Development of business and growth of investments depend on conditions created by the Government. And to create these conditions Business, to be more precise Business Associations has to play a significant role. Associations uniting representatives of business community are able to express the concerns and problems of many. Television, radio and print press has to pass voice of business voiced by Business Associations.

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