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The Nurafzo Medical Center was established in 2010 and for seven years is (…)

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Dear AmCham members!

This is the third issue of AmCham Tajikistan Newsletter.
Here we will highlight the most important events happened in May of 2010.

Procurement Seminar organized jointly with US Transportation Command and US Embassy in Tajikistan. May 12, 2010. The Procurement Seminar was to find local suppliers for future supplies to Afghanistan. AmCham facilitated the arrangement of the seminar placing advertisements in the newspaper “Asia – Plus to provide local suppliers with information on up coming event. The event took place in Hyatt Regency. Representatives from more than 50 companies participated in this event. The event was opened by the Ambassador of the USA to Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Kenneth Gross. During the seminar series of presentations of Prime vendors with brief information on who they are and how long they have been doing business with U. Present a list of items they provide to USG and how they do business with local suppliers selecting, ordering, receiving, inspecting, remitting, etc. was provided in Presentation of Prime vendors: Seven Seas, TWI, Supreme Food Service. After the presentation series of short meetings was set aside for face time between attendees and presenters. The purpose of the short meetings was to learn more or possibly make product presentations as Prime Vendors do not often visit the country and these short sessions would provide those types of opportunities. Overall this was also a good opportunity to AmCham to increase its number of members. AmCham would like express its gratitude to Asia Plus and Hyatt Regency.   Steering

Committee meetings.
Steering Committee of AmCham Tajikistan had a series of meetings to develop Internal Regulation for AmCham, which are aimed to regulate and in more details describe activity of the Association. The Regulations will be prepared by General Assembly of AmCham, which is scheduled on June 4, 2010 and during the GA meeting they will be put for voting.  
AmCham Executive office was busy with preparation to General Meeting, re – registration of Association and other routine work.

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